Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Government Levels and Teen Pregnancy

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Dr. Sandra Boyd

Government Levels and Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is one of the nation’s leading problems. With public health and community health so closely related, this issue can be found everywhere. Unfortunately, since this is a widespread topic, articles and opinions are valued from the national, state, and local governmental levels. The concerns or thoughts of the different stages of the government can be found in magazines, social media or the internet. Different websites from the diverse levels of government show varied findings but the same content of concern.

Public Health VS Community Health

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While the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website focused more on facts and statistics, the National Center for Health website geared toward prevention. The most information-filled website, CDC, along with other websites showed that there are many programs in place to help teen parents learn parenting skills, complete their education, particularly high school, and find meaningful employment to possibly further their education. The truth in all the websites proved a teen parent will need more support and perhaps time to complete these tasks. Having good childcare that empowers the teen parent rather than forces the teen to surrender to the paid care provider is a must.

Structure through Levels of Government

Between all the levels of government includes a type of structure. The first principle in the structure including teen pregnancy is the fullest possible satisfaction of good health. For the approach of teen pregnancy, one of the structures biggest steps is prevention. The CDC is able to demonstrate the importance of prevention through a teen’s decisions. The preventative services are usually furnished by governmental and voluntary agencies through public health programs. While the government is not the sole furnisher of preventative health services, it has a responsibility in the effectiveness of all kinds. The CDC website states, “Administered by the Office of

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