Teen Pregnancy : The Issue Of Teen Parenthood Essay

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Psychological causes in teen pregnancy:
The issue of teen parenthood is one of the many controversial topics in the United States. Some 11% of teenage girls between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant each year, accounting for approximately 1 million pregnancies. It has been found that most teens are being exposed to having unprotected sex at an early age as well as their cognitive development is in a growth stage. Psychology is the seeking to understanding and explaining thought, emotion, and behavior in humans. The most popular criticism is that of young mothers being immature or not well prepared for motherhood, meanwhile, some people can argue that no one can prepare enough to handle raising another human being. It is to our understanding that teen parents are referred to “not adults” and are to still be identified as adolescents. Adolescence, the psychological process of early adulthood development is seen between the age years of (12-19). Now, this is a topic of many factors that play a role in shaping a teen whether for responsibility or for being “risk-takers”. We must also include puberty, for it is when the body becomes sexually mature and capable of reproduction. This is the important association with more distinct physical changes of the body such as the growth of hair on the body. Cognitive development is the ability to make decisions, solve problems, and have a certain level of intelligence upon age. In teens, cognitive development is where there is a…

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