Teen Pregnancy : Our Society Essay

1497 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 6 Pages
Teen Pregnancy Teen Pregnancy that affect our society. Many young moms have been getting judged, stared at in school, and getting no support from their family. A baby changes your life especially if you are a teen mom, it is very hard. Mostly of everyone in your life will just walk out because I was in the same situation my own family and friends was out in my life and still is. I never had a support, I never had anyone talk to me, everyone ignores me, it is not fair that every teen pregnant girls who get treated this way, everyone makes a mistake in their life and teen pregnancy should not get treated like this, a lot of girls want a support, love, and enjoy pregnancy with there family, even though you are pregnant in early age, we should still get experience from through the pregnancy. Once you have your children and you are finally a mom all of you have to do is love and adore your baby even though you didn’t have any support. You have to support and be there for them through they grow up and be a good role model for them, because when your own family wasn’t there for you and be there for you, all you have to do is be there for your own family you have and love them unconditionally. Young couples that become pregnant together try to stay together for the sake of the new baby. It’s unfair to expect the new baby to do this but its more likely that a baby who grows up between two homes with the parents who are happy and healthy will learn what a happy, healthy, loving…

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