Teen Pregnancy Is Something That Affects Over One Million Young Teens

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Teenage Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy is something that affects over one million young teens in the United States. In the summer of July 1989, I became part of that statistic. I was only fourteen years of age when I learned, I was expecting my first child. For some, teen pregnancy is planned, and this would be my case. It wasn’t due to lack of knowledge, experimentation or the desire to be with multiple partners. No, it was simply out of spite. I thought, I was mature enough to take care of a child. So I took no precautions to prevent my pregnancy. Some teen pregnancy is caused by lack of guidance from their parents or guardians. They choose to be blind to the fact their sons or daughters are sexually active and possibly will have unprotected sex. My parents weren’t ignorant to my sexual promiscuities. They took every effort to warn me of the dangers and possible effects of being a teen mom amongst other things. However, I chose not to listen. As a result of taking matters into my own hands and not being proactive in using proper contraception, this resulted in my pregnancy.

While attending high school, it was the norm to see other pregnant teenage mothers like myself. I have known of some high schools that had chosen to be accommodating and provide daycare centers directly on the school campus. This would promote the importance of education while making it possible to still care for your infant. I of course wanted to make sure that even though I made the choice to become a…

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