Teen Pregnancy Is An Increasing Problem Essay

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Teen pregnancy is an increasing problem in the United States and just keeps growing significantly over the years. Studies have found that 34.5 births from 1,000 women were from the age of 15 to 19 years old (Reimer, 2012). There are many classes and supporters to teach each individual on how to prevent teen pregnancy, but yet the numbers still keep increasing. If the numbers keep increasing then shouldn’t it be less of a problem? Women who get pregnant at an early age are at high risk of health issues, loss of education, to live a life of poverty, and to abort their child. Which causes most mothers, Fathers, teachers, and teens to fear teen pregnancy, and will keep addressing it as a problem instead of a blessing. In the long run it is a blessing in their life, but sometimes it is difficult to get past those harsh consequences. A young teen’s life will end the day; another life is made inside of them because they will no longer be able to act like their age. The years of being young and having freedom will come to an end at an early age. Young pregnant teens are at high risk of having severe health risks that could also be fatal for the baby or even the mother. Teens are at higher risks of having low birth weights, premature birth, anemia, or even postpartum depression. A low birth weight is a baby that is born under the weight of 5.5 pounds. Ages 10-19 mothers are 14 percent more likely to have low birth weight rather than a mother 20 to 24. Low birth weights can cause…

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