Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Being a parent can become very stressful and overwhelming. Teen mom’s are less likely to graduate high school, less likely to attend college, and also are more likely to have a child that will also have a baby at a young age. Even though both of the articles focuses on teen pregnancy, “Tough truths about teen pregnancy” discuses how teen pregnancy shouldn’t be encouraged, whereas “Parents too soon? Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing in the U.S” talks about what the child, parent, and community can do to prevent teen pregnancy. Also, both articles talk about how teen pregnancy has actually declined in the last several years. Both articles are centered on teen pregnancy.

Teens who engage in unprotected sex are setting themselves up for an unplanned pregnancy. They will have to give up their childhood and their social life in order to become a good parent. On top of everything else, they will have to become adults at a very young age. “Tough truths about teen pregnancy” exposes the things that people don’t want you to know about teenage pregnancies. This article promotes the idea of posters to look down upon pregnancy and not accept it as normal because it should be look at as shameful. For example, “they feature a poster with a toddler saying he’s twice as likely not to graduate high school because his mother had him so early” NY Daily News argues. Life is harder for a child with one parent then a child with both parents because children are expensive and hard…

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