Teen Pregnancy And Sexual Education

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Teenage Pregnancy Sections III, IV, and V
Adolescent pregnancy is associated with several factors; the best plan to solve this problem is to develop effective new strategies through successful sexual educational programs. These programs will be implemented by teaching methods to help identify the most leading causes of early childbearing. Because, teens at high risk for pregnancy will take advantage of these programs to increase their knowledge, to learn about healthy sexual decision-making, healthy adult relationships and how to build good attitudes and values about human development. Parents, youth population, schools leaders, health care providers, media, religious leaders, and the community in general will be educated about sexuality and its implications. Thus, people will be able to assist any teen with concerns related with sexual risk-taking. By supporting effective sexual education program everyone will be is on the same page. These programs will protect adolescents against unplanned pregnancy, early birth, sexually transmissible diseases, school drop-out, sexual abuse and also improving educational and economic opportunities for teen. These programs will be beneficial
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Contraceptives and abortion may be optional in the prevention of unplanned births but are correlated with negative social and psychological effects; sexual education programs would be based on strategies and principles that will allow individuals to assess adolescent needs, identifying gaps and developing an action plan for adolescent pregnancy prevention. Teens using contraceptives are probably being more sexually active and more prone to acquire an STD. Also the cost of abortion is obviously being in the interest of policymakers (Medoff,

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