Essay about Teen Pregnancy And Early Childbearing

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Teen pregnancy and early childbearing have had issues which have attracted a great deal of attention from service providers, educators, and policy makers over the years. There have been programs over the years to stop teen pregnancies. I have created a teen pregnancy prevention plan that includes: encouraging the community to come together, the youth needs assessment, programs, and evaluations, creating more activities for home and, or after school, and providing information on abstinence and contraception. When my plan comes together it will allow a teen to be fully confident in his or her self. This plan will teach any teen boy or girl to wait for sex and cherish sex at that appoint time. This plain will teach, confidence, respect, and morals. I think when the community comes together it allows the teen audience to expand. The programmer like the, parents, neighbors, organizations, school, health providers, and the youth agencies can create a combination of strategies to help our teens stay on the right track. Our teens need guidance and if each and every teen had that help and someone to talk to they would not have to express how they feel with their bodies. I think that every teen has a story ,and I think if they can just sit down and tell that story it will eliminate a lot of anger ,frustration ,and lioness that ,that teen might be feeling. My program will allow every teen to have their own counselor.
When teens are involved in a variety of activities including agency…

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