Teen Pregnancy: A Major Social Problem Of Teenage Childbeverty

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Long ago, by mid-teens women used to start their own families. Eventually, it was because women did not have full access to education. Later on, education has become available to most women, the ones who were looking toward higher education beyond high school decided to have a career before begins their families. Educated people are needed to build a responsible community. Recently, more teenage girls younger than 17 years age are becoming pregnant and social scientists have linked the event to poverty, high school dropout, and poor employment. Early childbearing is seen as one of the most common issues that put young women at higher risks for socio-economic disadvantages throughout their lives. Teenage pregnancy is a serious social issue that …show more content…
Teen girls are becoming pregnant at a younger age. For example, in Ghana the situation is getting worst specifically in rural areas where they do not keep statistical record and deliveries are being performed by traditional attendants. In rural community, family financial exigencies and social custom induce young girls to stop going to school and enter into sexual relationships prematurely. It is clear that poverty is the main cause of early childbearing in Ghana and these young girls are subject to continue living in the circle of poverty. Gyan emphases that educational attainment is really affected by the increase of teen pregnancy rates, and most likely the ones who drop out school will easily get pregnant and vice-versa. Gyan is a Social researcher; he is able to present enough evidence to support his ideas. He is reasonable, factual, persuasive and informative, he writes with authority. Despite, Gyan is a social worker with the University of Ghana; he cites many experts and authoritative sources to provide credibility to the article, using descriptive statistics data to facilitate interpretation and easy …show more content…
S., Kim, T. H. M., Oulman, E. & Tamim, H. (2015). Prevalence and characteristics of intended adolescent pregnancy: an analysis of the Canadian maternity experiences survey. Journal of reproductive health, 12(101), doi:10.1186/s12978-015-0093-9
This article investigates the prevalence of intended pregnancies correlatively to maternal demographics, maternal health characteristics, and pregnancy related statistics. The authors conclude that teenage childbearing retains a high cost on adolescents and society. They also demonstrate that not every single teen pregnancy is unplanned. The authors, during analysis had found significant characteristics of intended pregnancies among adolescent women. They are able to bring evidence proving why pregnancy rate is so high among teenagers. My assessment: I will use the article when I have to elaborate on the socio- economic effects of early childbearing. Multiple factors lead to the occurrence of early childbearing among the youth population; I will discuss the contributing factors that lead to early childbearing using these authors’

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