Teen Drunk Driving

If you are experiencing a rough life as a teenager dealing with things like school, parents and rules, having a couple beers or shots of tequila just might help! If you are with a couple friends on a Friday or Saturday night and need something to do, partying-it-up just might be a great plan, besides being drunk makes everything a bit more fun. Also once you have a few alcoholic drinks in your blood stream you might even be up for a challenge. Maybe even a challenge such as getting behind the wheel and driving with blurred and disoriented vision. Recently more and more teens have enjoyed the excitement of driving drunk. Unfortunately, the research shows that this thrilling ride that teens under the influence of alcohol take a part in, victimize thousands of innocent drivers each year. Sober drivers who can think clearly and make rational decisions are often times the leading cause of death for drunk drivers. Therefore sober driving should be made illegal and drunk driving required. The number one concern for teenage parents today is a fatal car crash, and unfortunately for many these concerns …show more content…
This means that working taxpayers have to suffer by providing the government with the money to build buildings, fences and plant trees in an assortment of places to trap and catch drunk drivers! Evidently, we need to need to raise awareness about the hazards of the sober driver. There is hardly anything being done to advise teenagers of the benefits of drinking and driving. The dangers of sober driving will discourage any of them from taking unessential risks that could end not only their own lives, but also the intoxicated teens they might hit. After all, today’s teenagers know everything and are highly accountable and levelheaded. I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I value my life so I’m making sure I don’t drive anywhere without a 12-pack –just in

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