Teen Driving Influence

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When I was younger learning to ride a bike was a tough skill to acquire. I personally remember my dad removing my training wheels and letting me ride free. Although, I was alright at going in circles without training wheels, going on my gravel road down hill was strenuous . I can recall going down my driveway with my dad watching and not knowing how to slow down. I tried turning my wheels which caused me to fly off big rocks on the side of my driveway landing face first in the grass. In that moment I realized this was not going to be easy and I was going to need some help. Now I have had eleven months of driving experience and have yet to go through a wreck of my own cause. However learning to ride a bike and drive a car are both learned …show more content…
It is something most children cannot wait to achieve. As a kid, one rides their bike to get to and from a neighbor's house, or a way to kill time. Learning to drive is very nerve wracking, but also exceptionally exciting. Driving means freedom in many ways to teenagers so they are very excited. Although, being a teen also comes with many bad influences. Therefore a teen driving can be very bad. The influences one may experience as a teen are very crucial compared to influences one may experience as a young kid. If the teen is responsible they will be able to overcome these influences and drive …show more content…
At the time the responsibility is handed to one it may feel similar to other responsibilities, but in the controversy surrounding learning to ride a bike or learning to drive a car, learning to drive a car takes a lot more responsibility and independence. Learning to ride a bike is more dependent on a parent to be a teacher. Learning to drive a car is more independent because one depends on themselves to figure out what to do. more seriousness also comes with driving a car one is not only in control of their lives, but also the other people on the

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