Essay on Teen Dating Violence

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Teen dating violence
Teen dating violence is becoming a huge issue among schools across the nation. In fact most teens don’t even think their relationships are abusive or they know but they are too scared to do anything about it. Teen dating violence is on the rise. This violence spans across all socioeconomic levels and knows no race. Even famous people can be victims of dating violence. Dating violence is a real issue and needs to be addressed in all schools and workplaces across the nation. Teen dating violence is on the rise and is ultimately one of the biggest issues among teens and adolescents today.
Teen dating violence can be defined in many ways it can be anything from a pinch to telling your girlfriend/boyfriend they’re
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A lot of teens think that it will never happen to them even though 40% of teenage girls (14 to 17) know someone their age that has suffered from dating violence. And 80% of all girls who have been physically abused in their relationship continue to date their partner. There are a few different reasons for this one is there abuser won’t let them leave the relationship and mentally destroys the victims mind and makes them think that they cannot do any better. Also some victims are deeply in love with their partner and have high hopes on the situation getting better which usually progressively gets worse. The media plays huge roles in the ongoing issue magazines newspapers television all make teen dating violence and dating violence seem justifiable when its not. All the time you will see or hear about some famous star that was a victim of dating violence like Chris brown when he allegedly beat up Rihanna, or when Charlie sheen beat and abused his wife he was all over the news for weeks and

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