Teen Dating Violence Is A Growing Public Health Issue Essay

1041 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
Teen dating violence is a growing public health issue because it interferes with the healthy social development and interpersonal intimacy within the adolescent community. Research suggests that nearly one in every three adolescents experience some form of dating violence. In fact, teen dating violence puts adolescents at an even higher risk of physical and psychological harm than adults. Adolescents are more prone to physical and psychological harm because they lack sufficient life experience, they tend to have strong desires for independence, and they typically seek misguided support from their peers. Furthermore, certain early childhood experiences can predispose individuals to violent tendencies, such as maltreatment, social disadvantage, or family instability. Gender can also play a significant role in teen dating violence when determining which factors contribute to what makes an aggressor and a victim. Typically, males are the aggressors because they are often physically bigger and stronger than females. In comparison, females are typically the victims of teen dating violence because their physical makeup is often smaller than males. Researchers believe that communities and schools need to come together to form prevention programs, support for victims, and more educational resources (Powers & Kerman, 2016). This research review has sufficiently given a brief analysis of what teen dating violence is and the extent of the issue. However, this research review was…

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