Teen Curfews Should Be Strict Essay

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State Issued Teen Curfews Should Be Less Strict
“23% of cities stated that the increased costs of enforcing curfews made it difficult to have the laws be effective” (Gaille). A curfew is regulated time in which people need to be inside. For example, In Detroit the curfew on June 19th was 6 p.m. for anyone under the age of 18 years old. If this curfew rule happens to be broken there could be many different consequences, such as: parental meetings, citations, fines, arrests, and even jail time. The United States Conference of Mayors stated that, “70% of U.S. cities have a nighttime curfew” (Cochran). With that many strict curfews, you can imagine how many innocent kids are getting stopped on the streets by policemen. That is why state issued teen curfews should be less strict.
To start, teen curfews set by the state could potentially take away personal freedom.
As said in the Orlando Sentinel, “It would be an abridgement of personal freedom. When a person, by law, is not allowed outside after a certain time, then that person’s freedom has been taken away” (Enfinger). When these harsh laws were set they were targeted at teens who wander outside late at night. What they didn’t realize is that not all those kids are harmful. This is quite unfair for those who need some fresh air after a long day at school or to just get away. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been fighting curfews for awhile now. In a letter they sent to Detroit explained that, “this year’s proposed…

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