Ted Cruz Rhetorical Analysis

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This Ad was a Ted Cruz that aired in my home state of PA during the primaries. The Ad begins by claiming that President Obama was “A failure” and that Hillary Clinton is could be “worse”, It continues by introducing Ted Cruz as the right man for the job. Then come the campaign promises. Cruz claims that he will “Repeal Obamacare”, Grow jobs, and Destroy ISIS, then it transfers to the campaign slogan “jobs, freedom, security Ted Cruz”. The Cruz ad doesn’t take a shot at his Republican opponents but rather aims at his opposition and paints them as harmful for the country. It’s an interesting move and bold in my opinion. It seems more like an ad that would be airing if Cruz thought he was going to win the nomination. The Ad hits on points that …show more content…
When you look at the aesthetics of the advertisements in presents President Obama and Hillary Clinton in this yellow and black shade. In the same slides Obama is given the tag a “Failed President” Hillary is given the “Even worse” tag. Since they are portrayed in the same color they are both attached to idea that they were bad choices and that America “has to get this right”. Accompanying the images is the music. The part with President Obama and Hillary Clinton has am uncomfortable aspect to it the strings are sharper and the bells are quick and abrupt. When Ted Cruz appears the music slows down and becomes a lot softer and easier to listen to. To accompany these notes the color switches and we now have to full color spectrum and of quick snippet of Cruz. Before the issues begin. The negative issues like “Repealing Obamacare” and “defeat ISIS” Get a red box backing it while the positive “growing jobs” has this blue box as a backing. This Ad is negative because it discredits Clinton and President Obama and uses them to showcases Cruz’s positives as a candidate. The ad is effective in introducing the audience on what Ted Cruz is about and what he sees as major issues while at the same time trying to split himself from the rest of the pack. Somewhere around 28.9 Million could have been spent on these Ted Cruz

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