Ted Bundy 's Murder Of Fear And Terror Essay

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Ted Bundy states to the Pensacola police, “I’m the most cold-blooded son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.” Bundy gives a perfect description of himself after being convicted and taken into custody by the Pensacola Police Department. Bundy was very open about the thirty killings he convicted, and he offered the Pensacola police officers details about these killings that forever changed the lives of the very frightened and disturbed American people Bundy, above all, did not want to be caught, ever. He wasn’t just a gruesome killer, but a pervert who manipulated his victims. Bundy impacted society through the aspects of fear and terror. After hearing the stories of Bundy, people could never live the same. Ted Bundy grew up to be a notorious killer who took the lives of over thirty innocent people and left this burden on their America forever.
Growing up, Bundy was part of a very frugal family. Neither of his parents smoked nor drank, although; they could not have afforded it if they had wanted to (Michaud 21). All the way through high school and college Bundy made fantastic grades. He never got below an ‘A’ on a major project, and he attributes that to his mother (18). Bundy ended up going to law school when he grew older, but he later dropped out (Reflections on Bundy). Bundy’s mother was very intelligent and could communicate exceptionally well through writing. Bundy and his mother never had a very close relationship. They never talked about personal matters. (18) Bundy states,…

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