Ted Bundy: What Causes Of A Serial Killer

What is a serial killer? A serial killer is someone who kills more than three people over a period of time. They also take what is called a cool off period, which means they stop for a period of time. Something triggers them to kill again which at that point more killings start.
What is a mass murderer? A mass murderer is someone that kills several people at one time. it only takes someone one time to become a mass murderer. They don’t need an cooling off period.
What triggers someone to become a serial killer? There are many things that can cause someone to want to kill people. Some people grow up being abused at a young age, need money, being bullied, someone that witness someone kill someone, something emotional, anger problems, revenge,
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He was born November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. Ted grew up thinking his mother was his sister and they moved to Tacoma, Washington. He was only 3 years old when he got to liking knives and as he got older people started to see a deeper side of him. When he went to college he fell in love with a very pretty, attracted lady which after a while his breakup with her trigged something in him which made him start killing. He killed some women that looked like his ex-girlfriend that broke up with him. Ted graduated and was accepted to a law school in Utah. Right after that many women started to come up missing in Seattle and parts of Oregon. Ted was pulled over and police recovered burglary tools, in which he got connected to more than just robbery. In 1975 he was arrested for kidnapping a young lady and just two years after that he was charged with the murder of another woman which in the attempt he jumped out a window but was caught only eight days later. In the 1970 's Ted Bundy was connected to 36 murders in several states. In December 1977 Ted Bundy escaped from just by digging a hole in the ceiling of his cell and losing weight just so he could fit through it. A month later he ended up at a sorority house where he had attracted four women that was there and he killed two of them. He also kidnapped and murdered a twelve year old girl. He received two death sentences for the killings at the sorority house and another death sentence for the twelve year old girl. Ted Bundy showed no remorse at all for anything he did in fact he said "He the most cold-hearted son of a b*tch," and "He don’t feel guilty for anything that he did he feel sorry for anybody that feel guilt." Florida had the death penalty so he tried to offer information so he would not have to be put to death; he was turned down and put to death in 1989. Investigators believe he murdered close to one hundred women even though he admitted to

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