Ted Bundy, Necrophilia And Rapist In The Late 20th Century

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Ted Bundy is a notorious serial killer, necrophilia, and rapist in the late 20th century. He was estimated to have killed 100 females and has admitted to killing 36. Bundy was a child that was unwanted by his mother, Louise Cowell, since he was conceived out of wedlock. Louise Bundy’s parents were very religious and when Louise fell pregnant they felt humiliated. Therefore, they decided to adopt Ted and lie to him about who his parents were in order the pregnancy a secret. This essay will talk about ted Bundy’s early childhood, his victims, the analysis of his video interviews, and his trail.
Theodore Bundy was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. For many years of his life Theodore thought that his grandparents were his parents
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Eleanor Cowell, Theodore grandmother, was submissive and fearful of her husband. She suffered from several mental disorders such as agoraphobia and depression. During that time, it was extremely popular to use electric shock therapy for the mildest cases of mental illness. Later Louise packed up with Theodor and moved to Tacoma, Washington and changed her last name from Cowell to Nelson. She later meet and marries Johnnie Culpeper Bundy. johnnie was an ex-military cook that was working as a hospital cook. As the relationship progresses johnnie decided to adopt Bundy and change his last name from Cowell to Bundy. Over all ted was a well-behaved child although some people found his behavior unsettling. Bundy, from a young age preferred to be isolated and disconnected from his family and friends instead of thriving from parental attention and affection. As time went on Louise had four more children and Bundy had to adjust to no being an only child. Their home was small and cramped and money was scarce therefore Louise was left taking care of five children without any additional help. Because of Bundy’s quietness he was always left alone and ignored …show more content…
Despite his home life, Bundy grew into an attractive teen that got along with his peers and performed well in school. Although Bundy appeared to be happy it was during high school that Bundy began breaking into cars and homes. Bundy said that his motivation behind becoming a petty thief was due to his desire to go downhill skiing. It was the only sport the Bundy was good at and used the money he got from te stolen goods to pay for the expensive sport. After high school, Bundy entered the University of Puget sound where he scored high academically but did poorly socially. Bundy attributed his social problems to the fact that is peers came from wealthy background a world that he envied. To escape his growing inferiority complex, Bundy, decided to transfer to the University of Washington his sophomore year in 1966. In 1967 Bundy met the women of his dreams she was pretty, wealthy, and sophisticate everything that Bundy was not. Ted fell in love with her and tried to impress her by downplaying with pert-time job as bagging groceries and instead boasted about summer scholarship that he won to

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