Ted Bundy Myth

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Theodore Robert Bundy or widely known as Ted Bundy was a notorious serial killer in the 1970s, in which he raped and murdered young women in several states. Report states that his murder episodes begin in the 1975 when he moved away from his home to Salt Lake City (McCall, 1980). It is said that he lured young women into his car before driving to a secluded place, he will raped them before beating them to death (McCall, 1980). His victims were usually young women from ordinary household (Gehrke, 2000) and the victims resemble closely to Ted’s ex-girlfriend in college, who looks attractive with long, dark hair (Ted Bundy Biography, n.d.). Up till his death sentence, he was reported to have killed a total of over 20 young women is several different states such as Washington, Utah, and more (Gehrke, 2000). When we think of a serial killer, what attributes do we link them up with? Mass killing, male and more will definitely be the answer to the question. Ted Bundy’s case perpetuates the myth of serial killer in various areas. First, Ted Bundy is a white Caucasian man. Serial killer is being emphasized as mainly a male …show more content…
Serial killer usually targets victim that are in his or her own racial or ethnic group instead of crossing the racial lines (Walsh, 2005). The victims listed that was raped and murdered by Ted Bundy were all white Caucasian women. This may be due to the fact that he chose victim based on the resemblance to her ex-girlfriend in college, but nevertheless, Ted Bundy’s victims were in his own racial or ethnic group. Ted Bundy’s perpetuates another myth of serial killer, where they were sexually aroused in response to extreme pain, suffering or humiliating others (Hazelwood, Dietz, & Warren, 1992). Ted Bundy experienced extreme joy and satisfaction when he witnesses his victims suffering pain when he raped them and beating them to death (Ted Bundy Biography,

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