Ted Bundy: A Serial Killer

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“Everybody has got good and evil in them. I’d like to be 100% evil, but I can’t. I’m too easy-going sometimes. Then again, while anger and hate are two things some people can cope with, I cannot. My anger and hate grow to a level that I cannot live comfortably with it.” - (Richard Ramirez/The NIghtStalker)(1). Most serial killers kill because of the rough and unpleasant childhoods, others kill for enjoyment and the desire to kill. In this paper, we have researched about these two’s childhoods. Why they became murderers, how they got caught and what were there penalties.

Ted Bundy was born November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont.
When growing up, he was raised by a single mom which was not acceptable for their religion so they moved to another state to hide the fact that Ted was born an illegitimate baby. Ted was raised by his grandparents and they told ted that his mom was his sister because he was too young to know who was who. The mom moved with Ted to Tacoma, Washington, a couple years later she married a man name Johnny Bundy and had lots of kids together. When
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Bundy and Ramirez both had very different childhoods, but both were bad and I think had an effect of their actions. I think with Richard Ramirez’s childhood, it was inevitable that he would end up the way he did unlike Bundy because as a child Richard Ramirez was introduced to things like his cousin gory stories about his time in the Vietnam war, which he described in detail and they were about torture and mutilation and showed Richard disturbing pictures he was also introduced to drugs and Satanism. Ted’s victims were all women and he raped them and then murdered them while Ramirez only went out night, which is why he got the name the night stalker and he followed people into their homes robbed them then murdered them or raped them if he

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