Technostress Case Study

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1. Does everyone who use technology such as computer, tablet-pc, and smart phone in daily life experience technostress? 2. If there are several kinds of technostress, what are the similarities and differences? 3-1. Does individual’s personality (characteristics) influence the intensity of technostress? Why does someone experience higher level of technostress than others? 3-2. Does individuals’ different situation and surroundings influence the intensity of technostress? How do those situations and surroundings differ from each other? 4. How is technostress measured? 5. Is it possible to overcome technostress?

Figure 1. The technology usage
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(2015) An Exploratory Research on Individual Differences of Technostress: In Convergence Age Work
Utilitarian Gender, age, level of com-puter use skill, Indus-trial type, Education level, position Overload
Uncertainty Productivity at work, creativity, innovativeness Employees
Average con-tinuous service year 9.45, years
Average com-puter use hours per day 8. 16 hours
(Government, Manufacturing, IT, Finance …) Question-naire
(e-mail) Computer technoology that em-ployees’ use in their routine work
Oh et al. (2015) The Effects of Technostress and Work Connectivity after Work Hours on Job Satisfaction : Focusing on a Mediat-ing Role of Work-Life Conflicts Work
Utilitarian Overload
Uncertainty Work-life conflict Employees
(n=345) Question-naire
(online survey through a Gallup poll) ICTs(including all tech-nologies that employees use)
Nho et al. (2015) A Study on Technostress of Information Communication Technology User Work
Utilitarian IS(Information system) self-efficacy,
Pace of change Employee Productivity Employees
Company practitioners who use in-formation system Question-naire Business informaton

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