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I.1 What is technology?
I.2 First Inventors
I.3 How science affects technology
I.4 Discussion questions

I.1 What is technology?

Think for a moment what it might be like to live in the 14th century. Image that you could travel back in time and found yourself in a small European village in 1392. What do you think you would find? How would you cook your food? Would you use an oven, a fire, or a microwave? How would you eat your food? Do you think you could use a plastic cup to drink your milk? How would you go from one city to the next? Could you get on a train or would you have to walk or ride a horse? How would you send a message to your mom telling her you’ll be late for dinner? Can you
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The first inventor who combined engineering with science was Archimedes of Syracuse . He is credited with inventing the Archimedian screw for raising water, which is still used in Egypt. He is also credited with inventing the cross-staff for use in astronomy, and the odometer which measures how far someone has traveled. The most famous story about Archimedes is when he was told by the king to find out if the king’s crown was made of solid gold. He had to figure out a way to test if the king’s crown was made of gold without melting it. This was a puzzle for Archimedes. It is said that one day he noticed that his body would displace the bath water. Seeing this he realized he could use the displacement of water as a way to measure the crown’s volume (and thus its density upon weighing it). The story goes that at this point Archimedes jumped out of the tub and ran through the streets naked shouting “Eureka I have found it!” No one is certain if the story is true, but it does give you an idea how exciting new discoveries in technology can be!

I.3 How science shapes technology

Before formal scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, astronomy and biology were defined, many early inventors simply experimented with items around them trying to come up with ways to improve their lives. Inventions and discoveries often happen by accident. Glass, for

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