Technology 's Effect On The Creative Process Essay

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Art is the expression of human skill, and while it usually refers to the creative arts, it comprises all things from engineering to dancing. Even the most functional product must be designed with a careful balance of functionality and aesthetics. Making this art requires a tedious creative process that follows ideas from their beginnings to their ends. As the world changes and technologies develop, this creative process must as well, affecting all who utilize it. The use of these new technologies complement the creative process at every step, from inception to completion, but not without unavoidable costs.
Before technology’s effect on the creative process can be discussed, the creative process itself must be defined and described. It is nearly the same process for engineers as it is for artists, and it achieves the same goals, no matter where the lines and intermediate steps are drawn. I will define the creative process as preparation, conception, analysis, and implementation. Preparation can refer to anything done before an idea is created, from research to practice, and it helps inspire the creator to incept an idea. Conception is the birth of an idea, or a collection of ideas, for a product. Analysis is the testing of these ideas. It can range from physical testing of an engineer’s prototype to a small rough sketch made by an artist. These results will determine whether the idea will be improved upon or abandoned. Finally, implementation is actually carrying the idea out…

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