Essay on Technology Within The School System

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Technology within the School System Over the past decade or so technology has become more prominent in the education system. The advances in technology has made it become a major part of a majority of people’s lives today, especially computers. These advancements have been integrated into the school system, with most schools having dedicated classrooms that just have computers in then. Technology has also grown enough that students can be taught from the comfort of their home completely online. The students who choose to go to a school also benefit because they still get a fair use of computers, depending on the teacher though. Some teachers still do not like the idea of having technology in schools. The teachers who think this like the technology for themselves, but not for the students to have it too. They believe that the students will not use the technology to learn, but to fool around and play games on the computers. The negativity that the teachers can show towards the student having computers with them may make them think that computers are not useful. These types of teachers are spread out through all of the different levels of the education from kindergarten to college level. In an article written by Dale Eberwein he talks about the role of technology in higher education. One major point that was made was how teacher felt about the use of technology. Dale said “Students are leading teachers at every venue for application, and federal funding is available for…

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