Dark World Of Children

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The Dark World Of The Children and The Internet
The use of technology has increased among children in the U.S. over the last ten years, says MCT Graphic Service (Cell Phone and Computer). Too many technology can enervate the mind. The naive child mind can be tainted by the abuse of ignoble internet. Use of technology can be helpful, but harmful. There are many reasons that technology is both helpful and harmful. Technology is not always a safe and private place. Technology doesn’t guarantee safety for both parent and child. There are loopholes, tricks, and many more ways to get through things and achieve them. People can help stop the villains, but more will appear whether people want them or not. Amazement and terror both unite when it comes to technology. The
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Children don’t necessarily need to have technology to do something. Influence of internet on teens makes parents worried because of the lack of knowledge in things like making grammar correct email, but having the internet can teach the teens different things (Teens and Technology par. 4).Technology emits radiation and could make children sick and miss school. Technology like could harm children’s time, health, and education. Technology like video games concerned parents and threatened children 's academic life (Teens and Technology par. 3). Video games are one of the new technology that was produced. Video games have been helpful for multiple scenarios, but playing video games for too long could harm children’s brain because of the radiation. The games may be interesting, but it may affect your time on your homework or job. Because of how addiction games can be, children may not be at their best health and mind. Children could go to school and not pay attention or sleep during class. The internet could makes children distracted and can’t do their work. “Radiation exposure from technology, including cellular phones, also has garnered the attention of researchers as the rate of mobile technology

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