Essay about Technology : The Most Popular Ford Mustang

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Technology: The 1960s was a time of conformity but also a time of innovation in the area of electronics and communications.
In the 1960s, cars saw a massive growth in the popularity of muscle cars, marked by the most popular Ford Mustang. Another popular innovation of the time was the hatchback, with the Renault 16; a design model that has lasted into modern cars such as the Prius. This time in the industry also saw a significant acceptance of Japanese cars, as seen in the popular Toyota Corolla and the Datsun 350Z sports car (Farber).
The 1960s was a time of other electronic and communication developments as well. In 1960, Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories invented the first laser, an event that has had long-reaching effects across industries. For example, the laser has been used in the military as an incredibly powerful weapon, such as the LAWS (Laser Weapon System) technology that can burn through steel. The laser has also been used for medical purposes, as seen in the extremely popular LASIK technology for vision correction that has had wide-reaching effects on people’s ability to see without the handicap of glasses (Lucibella).
1961 was a year of innovation for the development industry, with the invention of the first industrial robot, known as Unimate. It would serve as a way to drastically increase the safety of workers in the workplace. Unimate, for example, took over the task of moving die castings and welding them, a task that was extremely dangerous…

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