Technology: The Influence Of Technology In The Classroom

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Introduction and Background The prevalence of technology in classrooms all around the world is astonishing. From iPads teaching kindergarteners throughout America the alphabet to the successful implementation of educational apps to youth in remote villages, technology is becoming an integral part of education in the 21st century. Fairly, there has been a lot of talk about how an increase in technology will impact students. How is it changing students? How will added technology in classrooms affect society as a whole? What are the negatives? With a surge in online schooling and tutoring it appears as if technology holds a substantial share in the progress of education throughout the world. Technology in the classroom has greatly evolved over time. It began with the radio in the 1920’s allowing students …show more content…
According to a survey done by Project Tomorrow, 89% of high school students have access to an internet connected mobile device. Students can use their mobile devices for educational games, collaborating with peers, and on the spot research. The smart board (create in 1991) has revolutionized the traditional style of writing on a board. Smart boards provide users a variety of capabilities including a projector, computer and an interactive whiteboard. The flat screen version, commonly seen today, was created in 2003 and updated smart boards can be found in schools at all levels all around the country. In a study done by TUSD, smartboards were installed in middle school classrooms in order to provide a more engaging atmosphere for students. The outcome of this study would determine whether the district would fund smartboards for the highschool level as well. Teachers were given a survey after an extended period of time about their experience and opinions on the usefulness of the smartboard in the

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