Argumentative Essay: The Power Of Technology

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At some point in all our lives, we have pondered the possibility that technology is bound to take over and be the death of us. While there are a couple of special snowflakes who pride themselves of not having anything to do with technology, the rest of us are consumed by it. What makes technology so beautiful is that it makes it hard to come to the conclusion as to whether we are incredibly lazy people for shamelessly basking in its conveniences or the smartest human beings because of our ability to catch on to seemingly endless updates and upgrades. Knowledge may be power, but where does the knowledge actually come from and who really has the power when it comes to people and technology? From simple technologies such as the abacus that was invented in Babylonia in 2400 BC to the digital satellite radio in 2001, everything in between is just as significant as to how far technology has come. Since the development of more modern technology, …show more content…
To many, being unable to think for ourselves and letting some machinery think for us is witchcraft. These people are not naysayers to technology and its advanced ways, they are people who genuinely believe that we are better off without such wizardry. In Nicholas Carr’s article, he mentions what the sociologist Daniel Bell has referred to as our “intellectual technologies—the tools that extend our mental rather than our physical capacities—we inevitably begin to take on the qualities of those technologies,” (Carr). The fear here lies within thinking robotically. We do not get to experience much of life when a majority of it is spent seeking validation and entertainment from technology. If anything, technological resources do not show what we know, just how good we are able to peruse the Internet for information. How can we expect to progress from where we are when it appears that technology knows more than we do and is doing most of the work so we don’t have

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