Texting While Driving Essay

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Technology has been on an unwavering high rise for the past century. The amount of people driving now a days is increasing as well. Instead of having a conversation in person or picking up the phone to call someone, people choose to text one another. Text messaging has become the biggest framework for communication. Now a days, most everyone has a cell phone with them at all times. It has become habit to constantly pay attention to our cell phones, whether it be looking at who texted us, scrolling through Facebook news feed, or posting our most recent “selfie” on Instagram, we cannot seem to get enough. When mixing the advancement of technology as it is now with the amount of drivers on the road, you are introduced to an ongoing problem known as texting while driving. Texting while driving is a large-scale problem in the world today; therefore, actions must be taken in order to reduce the amount of fatalities due to texting while driving each year.
People today are multitasking more than ever before and when you associate this with driving, a
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As of right now there are very few states that have passed laws pertaining to restricting the use of cellphones while driving. The laws that have passed are prohibiting all drivers under eighteen or those who only have a learner’s permit form using cell phones. The more states come up with laws that make it illegal for people to text and drive, the more people fashion new ways to avoid being caught. When caught texting and driving, most people use the excuses that they were just reading a text message or that they were stopped at a traffic light while doing so. The laws to do not tend to these excuses; therefore people get away with it. A various amount states are now becoming involved with adding new laws and closing up gaps in the system in order to prevent texting while

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