Technology That Has Revolutionized Society Essay

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Technology That Has Revolutionized Society
Today New York City, if all the people walking up and down the busy streets were all gathered together, what would be the one precious item that they would be in possession of? One would probably think it is a wallet; however that is only partially correct. Nowadays the item most people carry with them is actually their smart phone. Now going back to the group of people, if all those people took a survey on what technology they own in their residence, what would be the number one item all the households have in common? Besides electricity, most residents would claim that they own a computer. Some individuals may claim that a smart phone is practically a computer and phone integrated into one device, or that today’s computers can also make phone calls, hence the need for both is unnecessary. In a sense this is also partly true, but however there is one important point to take into consideration. Both the smart phone and computer have their similarities and differences, but together the abilities of the two are the reason why society has recognizes that such items are necessities.
One of the greatest inventions that changed the era of the early 2000s was the smartphone. However, even though the smartphone made its primary debut in the 2000s, the concept of the device existed long before time crossed into the year 2000. The idea of modifying a mobile phone so that it could process like a computer was first conceptualized by Theodore…

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