Essay on Technology Should Be Banned While Driving

1208 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
The University of Utah: “Both hand-held and hands-free cell phone conversations impaired driving… there were no significant differences in the impairments caused by these two modes of cellular communication.” Technology has taken a huge toll on people’s everyday lives. Whether it is a handheld or hands-free phone it controls everyone’s priorities at all times. People cannot be without their phones for a long period of time. This habit can become especially dangerous when one is on the road. The use of technology should be banned while driving because, it is dangerous, distracting, and causes physical and emotional damage.

The use of technology should be banned because it is dangerous. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 5,474 people were killed in the United States and 448,000 were injured due to distracted driving (“Cellphone bans aren’t making the roads and safer”). That is an overwhelming amount of people for something that can be easily avoided. Drivers are the ones that can change that statistic for the better. A study conducted by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia reported that “teens are four times more likely to die in a car accident than adults”. We live in a world where checking our phone every ten minutes is completely normal. Especially when teens are involved. Teens have to be connected in one way or another, even while driving and often times this can cause a sad predicament. Furthermore, the National Transportation Safety…

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