Technology Is The Development Of Robot Assisted Surgery Essay

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One of greatest advancements in technology is the development of robot assisted surgery. In robot assisted surgery, a surgeon performs his or her operation on the patient by using a robot instead their hands. The surgeon controls the robot from a computer and guides the robot’s every move from a distance. Over the years, robot technology has gone through many improvements. Now they are more safe, trustworthy, and proficient than they have ever been before. Robots are appearing in hospitals all over the world and they are saving lives every day by assisting surgeons in their operations. These robots can perform surgery quicker and steadier than any surgery performed by human hand. They can work longer than any surgeon because they do not grow tired and they can do so without taking breaks. The history of robot assisted surgery only dates back about thirty years. In the year 1985 a surgeon used a robot “to guide a needle through for a brain biopsy with 0.05 mm accuracy”
(Faust 7). This was far more accurate than any surgery ever performed by the human hand. Dr. Russel A. Faust, a surgeon and Board of Director for the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, describes that after more development and success was reached with these robots, the FDA began to approve robot assisted brain surgeries. In the year 2000, the FDA approved the da Vinci Surgical System to be used in hospitals (Mayo Clinic). According to Dr. Pruthi, a professor of medicine and lead editor for…

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