Technology Is The Best Option Essay

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Technology or Textbooks
Have you ever sat down and wondered if technology has improved or lessened the learning scale of the education system? What determines this? It’s not whether or not the information is useful, but it’s the factors of our everyday lives in school that determine whether technology is really the best option.
On average, students in the U.S. get about 15% of the teacher’s work time when needed and in the class room there are 30 students to get around to. Unlike the teacher, technology is around all the time and there are no limitations when you need to access it. Technology allows the student to independently find the answer when he or she gets stuck on a problem. Or if the student is still persistent on getting the teachers help technology allows the student to contact the teacher through email and other resources created on the web. On the other hand, when independently researching their problem, it is often hard to tell whether the information they find is correct, and it might not explain thorough information of what is needed to be accomplished in the classroom. Without technology, self expression is a lot harder to convey in things such as presentations. Cardboard and other materials can cost money to create a project, and it may be more money than students would like sometimes for a simple presentation. When students can use technology just about anything they want to do is at their finger tips such as adding noises, videos, or visual effects on a…

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