Technology Is Taking Over The World Day By Day Essay

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Technology is taking over the world day by day. Facebook is one highest ranking social networks in today’s world, with 757 million daily active users, receives over 350 million image uploads every day. People stay on the computer and cell phones so they are updated in every single thing that is happening in other individual’s lives whether it’s business or for entertainment. It has changed the generation of teenagers and adults rapidly. Users are allowed to post whatever they like although others might not agree to it. Undesirable Facebook tagging can go against privacy, allow others to view you in a manner not wanted to be seen and impacts the self-presentation strategies as the photo is archived through the tagged users Facebook profile.
The Expectancy Violations Theory analyzes how individuals respond to unanticipated violations of social norms and expectations. It tries to explain the unexpected behavior of humans and emphasizes on an individual’s perception of the interaction in a particular situation. When users experience an undesirable tagged photo people behave differently according to the cultural values they grow up in and this influences the reaction of the people. When someone puts up an undesirable photo, we feel our expectations are violated and become more alert and have to cope with this unexpected behavior. The personal space that was once there isn’t there anymore. This theory explains that people tend to protect their personal space when they experience…

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