Technology Is Ruining Society? Essay

1184 Words Dec 1st, 2015 5 Pages
Technology is one of todays most talked about topics. Who has the latest IPhone, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or the new MacBook Pro. Everyone is so caught up in all the technology that they are missing out on everything that is going on around them. People have their noses buried in their phones, or are too busy trying to take one hundred pictures that they are actually missing the moment. Sometimes it is better to put the screens down to take in the moment and enjoy it. Too many times people are out in public staring at their cell phone while someone is trying to hold a conversation with them. Technology can be used greatly to improve education or communicate with relatives who live overseas; however, when technology becomes such a priority that it takes over a person’s life that is when it begins to be a problem. The use of technology is ruining society through limited social interaction, increased bullying, and constant distraction. Look around today, it is evident that people are less interactive than in past years. This is mainly because they are consumed through their personal technology; whether that be listening to music, watching a video on their phone, or scrolling through twitter. Back in the day if there was nothing to do then kids would go to the neighbor’s house and play basketball, but now kids have nothing to do so they pull out their phone and start playing angry birds. There are even times when something is going on, but people isolate themselves…

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