Essay on Technology Is Our Friend?

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Technology is our friend. That is a statement that could be addressed with many questions. How we used technology today has really affected our lives. We are connected every moment of the day. We see people talking on the cell phones at every stop light. The same people can people seen texting or browsing the web at every chance they get. The friendship with technology today can be called a “Time Hog”. Only if users would just stop to see how much time they are wasting on the phones. According to the article Wireless ("Wireless Quick Facts," 2015), there are 292.8 million, plus active wireless connections in the United States. People talk, texts, read, play games and browse the internet on the cell phones. The stats are quite alarming when you think about them. Not only do people use them all day at home, they also take them to work. Be that it may, the average employee will spend 30 minutes a day on his/her cell phone ("Time wasted on cell phones," 2014). This time adds up to be 130 hours each year of wasted time. People waste not only their time, but their employer’s time as well. As a nation we are addictive to our technology and staying connected. We listen to books, music, watch movies, and scour the internet for the latest news. Everybody is guilty that owns a phone. We are constantly checking our e-mail, or status of a post. Moreover, Google is one of the most productivity-zapper out of them all. People waste more…

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