Technology Is Not About Tools Essay

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From pre-human’s first encounter controlling the use of fire, to the irrigation techniques employed by ancient civilizations; technology dates back thousands, if not millions of years. While predated humans were probably well aware of fire and this natural reaction that existed long before we did, exactly who first learned to control fire and use it for various purposes, such as heating or cooking, remains a mystery. Given that, “Technology is not about tools, it deals with how Man works.” (Drucker, 1979, p. vii) – what it does involve is how man uses tools and work to his advantage. Through the work of problems solving, technology really is all about man trying to make himself as effective as possible.
Besides humans endeavor with fire, perhaps one of the first and greatest impacts in the advancement of technology occurred when irrigation created what could be considered as ‘modern civilization’. Originally, irrigation methods began by using flood gauges along the Nile River during its annual flooding season. The simplest design of the Nilometer was a vertical column marked with intervals submerged in the river indicating the depth. Another design was a flight of stairs leading into the river itself. Data was then used by ancient Egyptian’s who could predict when the flood would occur (Irrigation Timeline).
From this point, major irrigation projects were created using dams and canals, or by diverting flood waters into new lakes. These developments not only allowed the…

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