Technology Is More Appreciated Than Nature Essay example

1082 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
Individuals are concentrated on the newest phones when it’s released or the newest upgrade of the game station. In today’s society, technology is more appreciated than nature. People have the intention of finding their happiness through technology instead of looking deeper on the inside. Frequently, people intend to forget the beauty of nature and how nature creates its life in the world for people to live in. Technology has taken the advantage of destroying nature. Additionally, people rely on technology. Every single day, there’s not a day when someone is not off from it. People have a weakness when it comes to technology. They are unable to separate themselves from their devices. Soon people will forget about the true meaning of life. Because of that technology has already affected people’s lives and 21st century, the more people spend time on technology, the more they’ll forget about the nature of life. Although the world has always revolved around nature, but these days technology is slowly starting to take over. No one will know what technology can do to impact the world for better or worse. An issue that could be a main problem for nature is, robots with human features that are able to behave and interact. For instance, “The Lonely” from The Twilight Zone, revealed a robotic woman named Alicia, who has its feature like a human being. Alicia can talk, move and touch. Not just only human looking robots, but animals will disappeared and replaced with robotic…

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