Technology Is Implemented With Learning Essay

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According to Dede (2008) “Technology is implemented with learning, by using information strategies, like computers to help students learn a curriculum based system of knowledge and skills, through teaching and instructions” (p. 43). The system provides a criteria of evaluations and assessments for students to visualize the tools, applications, media, and virtual environments that are necessary for measuring skills proficiency. Information and communication technologies (ICT) support students learning by using content to engage learners with modeling skills, and assessing their progress.
Needs Analysis Questions
The needs analysis investigates the current status of the performance and identifies the desired outcome of performance. In the needs analysis, the desires are the expected outcomes. Therefore, the questions should be about what do you want to see happen? The gap between the expected and the present position identifies your needs (Mager, 1997, p. 44).
The questions about the task and performance are Listed below;
• What is the task performance discrepancy?
Answer The learners task is to develop a classic theme topic for a literary period • Are the expectations for performance comprehensive?
Answer_The expectations are comprehensive
• Are the learning resources adequate?
Answer_ The learning resources are adequate
• Is the task performance, quality visible?
Answer_The task performance is quality visible • Are task performance consequences used effectively?

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