Essay Technology Is Harmful Or Beneficial?

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The subject of technology and social media is causing many problems in todays society. Humans around the world are always debiting weather technology is really harmful or beneficial. Technology can either be harmful or helpful depending on how it’s viewed. Many people believe that technology is more helpful, but at the same time technology causes many problems in society. Humans around the world use technology in their everyday lives, some use them in positive ways and others use them in negative ways. Technology can be a good thing when it’s used in the right ways. Technology can also be helpful, even if humans don’t use it in the right ways. Technology can also be used in harmful ways. Through technology people can be deceived, cyber bullied, and people can have health problems. Use of technology can impact our everyday life, health, relationships, and the U.S economy can also be effected because of technology.
Technology is becoming more and more harmful as time passes. According to Maggie Fox from NBC News “The impact of technology on our social, mental, physical, and environmental health can be devastating if people are not careful.” Humans are relying on technology usage for everything in life. For example, calculators are viewed as helpful items, but in reality humans depend more on calculators than their brains. Calculators can make life easier, but on the cost of kids forgetting how to solve simple math problems. When humans become more and more dependent on…

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