Technology Is Evolving Today 's Academic Environment Essay

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Technology is rapidly improving its role in today’s academic environment. In 1969 advances in technology allowed the United States to successfully land on the moon. The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) only had 64 Kilobytes (KB) of memory (Marx 103) Today it is not uncommon for someone carrying an average smartphone to have thousands of times this capacity. As computers become more capable, the way that they can be utilized is only inhibited by one’s imagination. As technology improves and becomes more incorporated into the everyday lives of people worldwide, costs for people and schools to enjoy the benefits of these advancements will become more affordable and are currently less expensive than traditional learning methods. Technology will also make learning more accessible. Technology, used the right way, will enhance learning. Implementing technology in education will reduce costs, increase flexibility and personalization.
By using technology, schools are able to reduce costs. This reduced cost is achieved by reducing the need for traditional infrastructure to educate people. Schools are able to maximize their spending dollars by “combining live teaching with large amounts of online study” (Clemmitt 1003). This does result in a higher student teacher ratio but allows the teacher more one on one time with the students. This is achieved because a “flipped classroom” is one where video instruction is used to augment class time (Bartos 29). I think this is a good balance…

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