Technology Is Evolving Every Day And With New Technology Essay

830 Words Apr 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Technology is evolving every day and with new technology comes new security issues. Many of today’s technology relies on “trusted” operating systems. Only a true developer will be able to navigate through other uncommon operating systems. Some of the most popular operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android. Though many people use these operating systems, they are not always secure. To be considered secure, a user must know the full extent of an operating system’s features. However, one can agree that almost everyone skips the fine print and agree to all of the privacy policy and agreements. When developing mobile OS security, the following must considered: 1. Because of the portability, users are always on the move with their mobile devices. 2. The intensity of communication with the outside world and speed of its preparation 3. Fast access to information such as weather forecasts, social media, emails, and ordering tickets. The primary focus of this article revolves around the issue of development of trusted operating system for mobile devices; however, it is said that such system does not exist as this paper was published (September 20th, 2015). According to the article, in 2011, Apple received widespread publicity about a security issue in tracking mobile devices. The location of each user was stored by the operating system in a special file. The file was then sent to a data center without any specifications or instructions for these…

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