Essay on Technology Is Destroying Our Health

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Technology is everywhere from the buzzing movie sets of Hollywood to the old winding dirt roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are more technological things in the world than you would think. It is in our homes, schools, and even in our cars. The average person uses technology everyday and does not even know they are using it. From the shower you took this morning in your home, to the tracking devices your local farmer uses on his cattle, it is all over. Technology is a double edged sword, but the evil overtakes the good as it ruins our health, lowers our social skills, and puts us in danger.
Advancements in electronics are ruining our health. One way electronics are slowly killing us is through radiation. Radiation is a deadly chemical substance that can leak from our electronics and into our bloodstream. These deadly chemicals can come from something as small as a cell phone to something as large as a nuclear reactor. In 1986 a small city named Chernobyl in Ukraine was around a nuclear plant and was forced to evacuate, the reason being one of the four reactors in the plant had exploded causing a chain reaction. Multiple plant workers and their families were forced to move; some were not as lucky though and died there. Radiation seeped into the land, water, and animals but the worst of it happened ten days later. Threat of a steam explosion, this would be caused by a pool underneath of the reactors. The steam explosion would turn “Europe into a nuclear wasteland.” How…

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