Essay about Technology Is Changing The Way Humans Communicate

1875 Words Dec 22nd, 2015 null Page
Technology is changing the way humans communicate in a negative way. Ever since the rise of social media and the ability to email and text, it is obvious that social interaction is slowly decreasing. It seems that most people are more comfortable with sending a quick text or email than calling or talking face-to-face with a person. Since the majority of people in the society have access to technology, they also have easy access to social network accounts where they can fool people into thinking that they are someone they are not. In other words, people are not being honest in terms of who they really are. Although technology has brought positive aspects, there are also negative impacts. One of the repercussions of technology is people lack basic communication skills. Nowadays, whenever someone goes out with his/her friends, most of the time there is barely any conversation transpiring. Some people might be too busy taking pictures while the others are either texting or on their social network accounts such as twitter, FaceBook, or Instagram. One’s focus is gone as soon as they pick up their phone or tablet and all their attention is on what is going on in social media. They have the tendency to become unaware of their surroundings and are not living in the moment which causes them to miss out on important events such as family gatherings or friends’ birthday celebration. Most people are accustomed to texting and emailing one another because it is less pressure and…

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