Technology Is Bad For Us

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Technology, no doubt, make us a little lackadaisical ; however, technology does great things like enhancing our experience as related to science and helping us come to important conclusions quicker.
Technology makes us a slight bit lazy. No doubt about that. I mean we have calculators, cars that drive by themselves and phones that do absolutely everything we could ever need them to do. Every time a new phone or a new generation of a phones comes out I really think to myself, “What more could we possibly need?” but apparently we do need more because something new is put on these phones with each generation. Things like 3D touch and front facing flash with a better camera. Do we actually need these things? I do not think so. I was living fine
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I think technology is good, we just have to use it in the right ways. We do not need self driving cars. That is ridiculous.What is so hard about driving a car that you need a machine to do it for you? If someone is going to do that they might as well not even get their license or a car but just call ubers and cabs to take them where they need to go. I mean sure it may be helpful when you have a crying child in the back, maybe you can get the bottle for them really quick while still driving. But at the same time, you just put your hands in the life of a machine. Your life is kind of not your own anymore, it is the machines. Point is, we could be spending time and money on other more important things than self driving cars. Like better public school lunches or more homeless shelters. We have people on the side of the rode freezing to death without food, but we do not want to drive our own cars. What sense does that …show more content…
Wienclaw, PhD, talks about how unlike before technology, people do not even need to come together to work. If people are working on a project together, they do a conference call or facetime or skype and do their project. No need to meet somewhere to discuss the topic or set up a time when everyone can come together because everyone can “come together” in the comfort of their own homes over a computer or telephone. Wienclaw also talks about how technology affects relationships because before technology we valued seeing each other in person but now we do not value it as much because we have been texting or talking to that person on the phone since we last saw them so there is nothing to talk about or to catch up on anymore; we already know everything that has happened since we last saw them. I remember being younger and not being able to wait to see my friends because we did not have phones then so every moment we had together was just so amazing to us. We couldn’t for our playdate. We couldn’t wait to get out of school so we could see each other or go to school to see each other and when we were had holidays or vacations and we were away we would come and have things to actually talk about for ours. We could talk about our vacation and what we did while we were away. Now, we don’t even need to do that because you post your pictures online, and you text each other while you are away so when you come together there is

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