Technology Is An Important Part Of Man 's Daily Routine Essay

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Nowadays, technology has become an important part of man 's daily routine. Activities such as purchasing online, making reservations to a restaurant, communicating by chatting or videos with people around the world, to even study from your own home are part of our everyday lives. Today, society has to acquire new knowledge in order to keep up with this Tech era; the way people live, work and communicate depends mostly on a computer and the internet. Although, some people want to blame technology for the many wrongdoing epidemic the truth is the evolution and advances of technology offer a powerful tool in today 's society as well as an invaluable help with the latest lawbreaking outgrowth. As delinquency is evolving with technology, how is the law enforcement implementing these new advances to help minimize crimes?
To begin with, one of the breaks thru revolutionary of technology to help seize crime is a program called PredPol. A System police have been using to anticipate infractions. This predictive-analytic software has been helping L.A. police precinct for the past six months and Santa Cruz Police Department for over a year with great results. This gadget keeps taps based on previous sequence of violence and misconduct based on similar patterns of past crimes and they put it all together along with some sociological information. At first it was only used to estimate where houses and vehicle burglaries might happen, but later, it was expanded to predict thefts, battery…

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