Essay on Technology Is An Important Decision For Schools

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An accelerated-learning course is completed online by a sixth grade student. An online program helps the third grade student with ADHD. An exciting presentation engages the students in a new lesson. These are all scenarios in which technology affects education in a positive way. Choosing whether or not to use such engaging means of education is an important decision for schools. They have been introduced to education in a variety of ways that have either enhanced or hindered the learning experience in a classroom environment. However, when used correctly, technology can greatly benefit a school and its students when integrated into the curriculum. Because of this, schools should consider these three factors before introducing these technologies into the curriculum: the overall value, monetarily and educationally, of the technology, the overall influences, positive and negative, on learning from the technology, and the overall effect, short-term and long-term, on the student by the technology. Technology has great value when introduced into education, as long as it is used in the correct way. Its ease of use and cost of use contribute to the overall value that technology will have in a school, which is why they should consider those things before introducing it. Smartphones, for example, are one example of a technology that schools could provide to hopefully enhance the overall experience in education. The benefit of using such items is that they are relatively…

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