Technology Is An Essential Part Of Learning Essay

840 Words Jul 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Technology is one of the important necessities that people use in today’s age. From household chores to means of transportation, technology never stops developing and improving to help our day to day lives. It is not surprising to know that schools are also using technology as an essential part of learning. However, the difficulties of the non-stop demands of life in today’s age makes it harder for someone to go to school in person. Hence, online schooling was invented to make life easier. Although it has its ups and downs the flexibility of taking classes online accommodates everybody, becoming more efficient and self-sufficient in terms of learning and giving people a chance to go to school despite their busy schedules. Taking online classes is very different from the traditional set up. Granted, physically attending class in person creates a one-on-one approach on teaching students. However, not everybody has the time or the means to be in a classroom setting every day. As a busy mother, I want to be able to be there for my children but I also want to pursue a career for myself and family. Taking online classes gives an opportunity for myself and for those who want to go to school. It offers good and effective ways to communicate with the teachers and fellow students. A sense of community can also be found in online classes, they offer chatrooms for students to communicate and offer constructive criticism from their fellow peers. Online classes give everybody the…

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