Technology Is An Amazing Thing Essay

1017 Words Oct 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Technology is an amazing thing. People are able to check email, video chat, broadcast live video, or order a pizza all from the their phone. The ability to make a phone call from a smartwatch was only something James Bond was able to do, but now anyone can purchase a smartwatch and be just like James Bond. The ability to ask for directions, a phone number, or even the weather forecast, is just the press of a button away. With the amount of tasks that be performed right from a person’s mobile phone, people are more connected today than ever before. However, all this technology has the ability to make people more socially awkward because people no longer have to communicate in person if they choose not to. People are losing the ability to function face-to-face, and sacrificing personal human relationships for ones on Facebook and other social network sites. In his commentary, “Intimacy for the Avoidant,” David Brooks of The New York Times makes a case for how society is becoming completely consumed by social media. Mr. Brooks points out that “Over the past generation there seems to have been a decline in the number of high-quality friendships.” This simple statement should make people stop and question why that is. Why would the number of high-quality friendships be declining in an generation that is connected to anyone no matter how faraway they are? Could it be that the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media sites make it easy to be…

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