Technology Is Affecting Us For Better Or Worse? Essay

909 Words May 11th, 2015 4 Pages
The fast revolution of technology has affected our lifestyle radically and has led us to believe that our lives have been changed for the better. However, there is a critical question that has been a major concern to most people, i.e. whether technology is affecting us for better or worse? Even though the use of technology makes different parts of our lives easier , the overuse of technology is harmful, not on only to growing children, but to the society as well because it limits our ability to depend on ourselves; therefore, the use of technology should be limited.
The over use of technology on children causes damages to their mental and physical health.
Children’s attachment to the screen, engaging in activities such as texting, internet surfing, and video games cause disinterestedness to the real world which affects their mindset and how they control themselves negatively. Children who spend too much time on the screen also become more susceptible to frustration and aggression; for instance, my thirteen year old brother gets frustrated when he is asked to do his house chores while playing games, talking to his friends on the phone or using the internet. Also, watching violent movies or games can increase the possibility of a child’s aggressiveness and according to APA”violence in games provokes aggressive thoughts and behavior, gush of anger among children and teenagers” (Luparenko 70-85). Using my brother again as an example, when using the internet and the page he wants…

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